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Review Of The Canon Pixma Home MG3660

Canon rules the roost in the inkjet printer category. The reason for this is that Canon’s output quality is the best in the industry. This OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is the master of photo printing, something that demands great output quality. The Canon Pixma Home MG3660 is a color inkjet multifunction printer that is aimed at the personal printer market segment. These devices are both versatile and affordable. 

In fact, the Canon Pixma Home MG3660 is possible the most affordable multi-function printer in the market right now. Regardless of how many other devices were reviewed, the Canon Pixma Home MG3660 is always in the top ten when it comes to the most affordable multifunction printers. The fact that you can get the Canon Pixma Home MG3660 for next to nothing is something that should excite everyone. 

This is an entry-level device that can be had for below $!00, which is as low as you can go for an inkjet printer. This will be the biggest draw about this device for the majority of individual users in the country. But, when you look closer and deeper, there are even more advantages, benefits, and strengths of the Canon Pixma Home MG3660. 

The one advantage that actually makes the low cost of the Canon Pixma Home MG3660 look even better is its output quality. If there is anyone thing that this OEM is known for, then it is output quality and that is evident with this device as well. The output quality of this device is amazing, especially if you consider the price. Text and graphics output is crisp and very clear with sharp distinction, while photo prints are colorful and vibrant. 

Behind this amazing output quality is Canon’s much renowned full-photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering (FINE) technology that creates 2 picolitre ink droplets. Incidentally, this device can print up to a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch or DPI. The device also performs better than most competitors in scanning. Generally, printer manufacturers do not pay a lot of attention to the scanners on their machines. This means that most printers have average scanning devices. The Canon Pixma Home MG3660 does particularly well in this area in terms of the quality of images made. The scanning speed is not all that bad either at around 14 seconds per image. A feature that is not expected in an entry-level device is automatic duplexing. But the MG3660 sets itself apart by offering it to the users. An automatic duplexing can be useful in saving paper, which results in considerable money being saved in the long run. 

The Canon Pixma Home MG3660 is also very effective and efficient when it comes to power consumption. The MG3660 is one of the most energy-efficient printers in the market with an approximate consumption of only 1.4W in the standby mode while it is connected to the PC. Connecting the printer to the computer is easy and fast. This can be done by using the provided USB 2.0 port or even go wireless. Unfortunately, there are not any Ethernet ports but they are usually absent and not required for personal use. Going wireless comes with a lot of benefits like mobile printing. The Canon Pixma Home MG3660 supports Google Cloud Print, Air Print, Mopria, and PIXMA/MAXIFY Printing Solutions. 

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